the artist soldiers on...

watercolour 23 x 17'' 2012

I have not yet decended into madness, although arguably this would be hard to tell..
I am now at the present time actively painting again so it seems only natural that I stop berating famous artists who are talentless and annoying...and concentrate on all the good stuff that is out there as I am in a very + mind set.. so perhaps I dont have much to say on the 'art' subject anymore and perhaps thats best.
At this point all I can say is that painting is happening all around and besides all the business/ galleries/money involved that maybe causes some people to argue about the various merits of those more famous and sucessful/ its really a good thing. lets get it all out there and have a party!
I am now trying to delve a little more into my subject as frankly it is feeling a little purile/16 year old ish.. all these bikini clad women .. surely I can get something a little more ..profound..?

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